What Is The Gamblers Fallacy?

What Is The Gamblers Fallacy? You may have also heard of the gambler’s fallacy by the name “the Monte Carlo fallacy” or “the fallacy of the maturity of chances”. Essentially this is the mistaken idea that, if something happens more frequently than normal during some period of time, it will happen less frequently in the

Competition and Online Casino Bonuses

Competition and Online Casino Bonuses All casino games are designed to give the house a slight edge – if the casino didn’t get more money out than it put in, it wouldn’t be a profitable business. But there are ways to lower the house edge and increase your chances. Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses

blackjack NZ

Blackjack Handbook Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular table game options for players in New Zealand and around the world. With the origins of blackjack believed to have started in Spain, blackjack NZ options geared for Kiwis, provide a wealth of entertainment on a multitude of platforms. Players from New Zealand in


Tennis Betting It is believed that tennis originated in France in the 12th century and the game involved hitting the ball with the hand.  Louis X enjoyed this “game of the palm” which later became the game of tennis.  It was during the 16th century that the game was played using rackets and it was


Tauranga Racecourse in New Zealand Tauranga Racecourse can be found in the city of Tauranga which is in the sub-tropical region alongside the famous tourist destination, the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.  The racecourse is considered the hub of horse racing events and meetings and is also host to many community events. Tauranga Racecourse

Online Live Casino

The Online Live Casino Revolution The new way of enjoying online casino games is here; the online live casino revolution has begun. For those unfamiliar, an online live casino is a casino game that is played via a live stream. A real croupier manages the process from a broadcast studio, with live streams sent directly

Online Games Casino

Play Online Games, Casino Rules It’s time to strap on your gamers cap, buckle down, and enter into the world of online casinos. Everyone has likely had some experience with poker or blackjack, but not everyone has experienced the thrill of playing these games for real money. Maybe you fancy yourself a bit of a

online casino with real money

The Thrill of Playing at an Online Casino with Real Money  The USA provides casino games players with some of the best online casinos in the world. Instead of all the discomforts of travel to distant places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, players can now take out their laptops or mobile device, and play

Online Casino USA Real Money

Find An Online Casino, USA , Real Money Playing casino games for fun is a great way to pass the time. You can sharpen your skills, improve at your favorite games, and never have to worry about the pressure of dealing with real money. The games we’re referring to, of course, are those that can

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Spinning with Microgaming’s Ho Ho Ho Online Slots The Santa Claus character that takes up the reins of this festive slot machine game from Microgaming hopes that all that make it their selection have a merry spinning experience on the five lines and 15 paylines provided. These are all decked out in yuletide decorations,