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Indicators Required by Successful Sports Punters Sports betting can be an extremely lucrative pastime, and any Australians wanting to get in on the act are well advised to conduct as much research as possible on the events that they plan to wager on, in order to maximise their winning potential. Knowing the history, statistics, condition

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Even with a Host of Free Bets, Strategy is Still Key The finest aspect to wagering at online sports betting sites is the potential volume and range of conceivable bets available. The free bets that are most beneficial to punters will be advertised and promoted at the various sports books, and are those designed to

Harness Racing Betting Guide


Reading a harness racing betting Guide For New Zealand will help you to understand not only how the sport works, but also some of the terminology consistent with harness racing. Harness racing is a very different sport to horse racing, although it does still involve horses. The races have a different format, as does the

Pros And Cons Of Futures Bets


Futures bets have become the ultimate test for the seasoned punter from New Zealand seeking a challenging sports betting option. Futures bets do however feature pros and cons that either have the potential for big winning combinations or the complete opposite. The following handy guide will provide you with both the advantages and disadvantages of

Tour de France


All about the Tour de France The Tour de France is probably the best known and most closely followed cycling race in the world’s calendar of sporting events. Thousands of spectators travel to France to be able to watch from the sidelines, and of course there are millions more who watch the news coverage on



The National Rugby League The NRL is the Australian National Rugby League. It forms the most popular league of Australian rugby, and therefore is one of the sports that sees the highest engagement in terms of sports bettors getting involved. Finding A Bookie Bettors who wish to bet on the NRL will have to find



Golfing Sports Betting and the US PGA There are a couple of prestigious golf championships held around the world that fetch in a wide range of viewer ship and prize winning potential. One of the four major championships is the US PGA which is the centre of this topic, in which we further discuss how

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For hundreds of years, sport has been a uniting factor across dozens of cultures and societies, and today this is more true than ever. Millions of people watch sports for the pure thrill, but many others watch sport for an equally thrilling experience: sports betting. Betting on sports is not a new pastime, and is,

Sports Betting New Zealand


With all current land based wagering activity and sports betting NZ options dominated by a monopoly founded by the New Zealand Racing Board, punters in quest of sports betting action have a variety of sports betting NZ options to choose from, within the online domain. Punters seeking out reliable sports betting NZ options can choose

Tennis Betting


It is believed that tennis originated in France in the 12th century and the game involved hitting the ball with the hand.  Louis X enjoyed this “game of the palm” which later became the game of tennis.  It was during the 16th century that the game was played using rackets and it was then called